Jan Frostne

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Jan Frostne is a serial entrepreneur whose clear vision and leadership skills led to his rise in the corporate world, holding top management positions in multinational firms and various worldwide brands. Featured numerous times in top business publications, Jan’s network of resources and entrepreneur spirit led him to start FundChain, as well as assemble a panel of qualified individuals as the management team and advisory team.

Chief Technical Officer

Jan Mellgren

Former Technical Director for a prominent Scandinavia retail chain and Swedish museum, Jan Mellgren is an extremely skilled technology guru whose keen mind and ability to manage extremely large teams won him numerous accolades in his career. Inspired by founder Mr Frostne's vision for FundChain, Jan agreed to come out of retirement to head the company as CTO and develop FundChain into Wall street's premier option for the next generation of finance.

System Security Director

Anders Andersson

Anders Andersson is living and working in Sweden. With the success of his self-founded consultancy company specializing in financial transactions, he then moved on to head IT development for one of the biggest Banks in Sweden. He later moved on to become chief consultant for the Swedish Bank association, creating "Swish", a Mobile platform for real time transactions for 6 of Sweden's biggest banks, now serving 98% of the Swedish population. Anders was also one of the pioneers responsible for the move of the World´s biggest commodity platform to OMX Stockholm (Electric, Gas and Carbons) and was involved in multiple projects in one of Europe´s biggest bank.

Public Relations Director

Renze Deelstra

Renze Deelstra's career spans across various industries over 2 decades. He has extensive sales and marketing development experience in small, medium enterprises focused on consumer products. The second half of his career was spent developing POS accepting points, leading strategic start-ups, increasing market share and turnover of companies in various EU countries. A leader in sales management roles, and an expert in the European markets, Renze heads FundChain's Public Relations teams. Renze is also a Blockchain enthusiast, investor, public speaker and author.

Blockchain Engineer

Ian Marzalado

With a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Information Technology, Ian Marzalado is a renowned instructor and facilitator who started his career as an educator in various institutes of higher education. He was then head hunted to work for global financial institutions such as the ANZ Bank as their main IT developer, also double hatting as project lead on various multi-million budget projects. One of the earliest advocators of Blockchain technology, Ian's unique background and experience in the financial and technological sphere's makes him the perfect lead for FundChain's blockchain engineering division.


General Counsel

Royce Lane

Graduating from a renowned New Zealand University and pursuing his Law Masters from Oxford, UK, Royce is duly admitted to the International Bar Association, and a Senior Partner with the firm PCP LAW INTERNATIONAL.

Earlier in his career, Royce served 15 years at the NZ Police & Prosecution Service and is also a decorated Sportsman with two World Titles in Billiards, and undefeated to date. As a Avid Writer, his much awaited book, entitled "There and Back" is due for release late this year (2018).

Royce will bring to the table, much welcomed advice and guidance to make our ride much smoother over the "new industry road" of Cryptocurrency and to instigate proper legality.

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