Initial Coin Offering

During this ICO, FundChain shall issue a virtual coin called Crypto Cash Coin (CCH). This coin will serve as a store of value within FundChain’s investment portfolio. The coin uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to incentivize users to hold on to their coins in exchange for returns, by validating transactions within the blockchain.

Coin Specifications
Coin Name: CryptoCashCoin (CCH)
Coin Algo: Scrypt
Max Supply: 55,000,000
Consensus Mechanism: Proof-of-Stake
Inflation: 50% p.a
Maturity Period: 72 hours
Pre-mine: 12,000,000
Target User Community
Individuals, Institutions with excess assets seeking returns on their money
Investors of digital currencies looking for liquidity
Owners of digital currencies who potentially want access to capital management services
Wall street institutions, financial institutions looking to purchase or create Collateralized Debt Obligation products

This ICO will start off with a pre-ICO sale and then followed by 4 phases throughout the ICO period.Bonus coins will be awarded to purchases during the ICO.

ICO Structure

Distribution of coins will take place after ICO ends on 1st March 2018.

You will be able to withdraw CCH to any CCH wallets available.

The coin will be tradeable on at least one major cryptocurrency exchange, 3 weeks after the end of ICO.

Coin Allocation


  • Jan 2018

    Release of whitepaper

    Pre-sale round (Private Clients Only)

    System ready for private clients

  • Apr 2018

    Android wallet for CCH available

    Application for payment provider license

    FundChain roadshows in Asia commences

  • Jun 2018

    iOS wallet for CCH available

  • Dec 2018

    FundChain enters North American markets

  • Feb 2018


    Phase 1 to Phase 4

    Signing of MOU with ACIF

  • Mar 2018

    FundChain official launching ceremony

    Full system ready

    Announcement of Exchange listing

    Official trading of CCH begins

  • Sep 2018

    Development of hardware storage for CCH

    ACIF Q3 general meeting with FundChain

  • Nov 2018

    FundChain year-end annual dinner18

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