FundChain is a FinTech company that focuses on the development of next generation solutions for the future of financial services. Equipped with a deep understanding of traditional financial services as well as an expertise in the development of cryptocurrency solutions and Distributed Ledger Technologies, FundChain is the world’s 1st company to partner with and receive accreditation from a Hong Kong SFC regulated mutual fund.

The establishment
of the fundchain

Established in Europe, FundChain’s mission is to create viable, profitable and sustainable solutions and platforms for the financial services community as well as the cryptocurrency community.

A new future

We seek not only to lead the way in building the eco system for these two major communities, but also to educate, guide and empower new users and clients towards a future and give them the tools to best leverage the financial opportunities that are present in today’s high-tech world.

Our main projects today include the launch of our Fund Backed Dual Spectrum Portfolio, and with it, our Collateralized Crypto Loan Network and Crypto Cash Coin.


FundChain’s Fund Backed Dual Spectrum Portfolio is a one of a kind investment vehicle across the globe. Its unique dual spectrum portfolio encapsulates the best of the traditional and the modern age, taking the good points from tried and true investment methodologies of a regulated high performing mutual fund and the huge growth potential of the lending market, all built upon today’s biggest wealth generation mechanism that is cryptocurrencies.

The world is primed for the greatest financial revolution in decades, highlighted with historical tidal waves of opportunities and multitudes of unrivalled wealth creation. copyright© 2018 All rights reserved.

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